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DEADlift Man Walking – Deliverance from the Deadlift Devil – 12/29/11

“Naw man. I’m pretty effing far from okay.” On November 20th, to punctuate what had been a long week, I pulled my groin pretty severely squatting at Beast; I felt a sharp pop, stopped pushing, and promptly collapsed (whacking the back of my head on the barbell in the process); lying on the floor of […]

Beast’s Friday Deadlift Log (Deload Heaven) 11/18/11

The deadlift obsession continues … After three challenging training weeks, I decided to take a well-deserved deload. My body was feeling a little beat up and I’m hoping the rest will help contribute to a great deadlift session on Thanksgiving week. When I arrived at the Beast at 8:30 pm, I was exhausted. I didn’t […]