The Prowler – The Beast’s “Truth Machine”

I recall watching a boxing documentary in which sports journalist and boxing commentator Larry Merchant referred to Joe Frazier as a “Truth Machine” because when in the ring with Joe, if you weren’t in shape, he was going to find out – Joe, by virtue of his tenacity, was going to get to the truth.

We have our own “Truth Machine” at Beast (actually we have two of them); they are called Prowlers and they reveal whether athletes are truly willing to do what it takes to get into awesome game shape – they reveal the Truth.

Almost every athlete says they want to win, but very few are willing to do the really hard work to win [...]

Football Strength and Conditioning (“S&C”) – If I had a Time Machine, Part 1

… If you’re a young football player reading this, then good for you – you probably always hear your elders saying if I could only go back and do it over again, I would have done “X” or I would have done “Y.” Most of you won’t listen, I know that going in, but for the few of you that do listen, the payoff will be immense. So without further back-story, here are the things I wish I had done as a high school football player – the things I would do if I had a Time Machine [...]

Football S&C – If I had a Time Machine, Part 2 – Explosive Training

… Football is an explosive collision sport. To be able to move rapidly or explosively an athlete must specifically train to become explosive. This is a major tenant of the SAID principal (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands) or perhaps better known as specificity training.

When I was training to play high school football I did very little in the way of explosive training. For this, I have no explanation/excuse, other than I didn’t know then what I know now [...]

Football S&C – If I had a Time Machine, Part 3 – Unilateral Leg Training

… At Beast, when training athletes, we believe that posterior chain strength is very important (back, glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings), but we make sure we don’t neglect our athlete’s quad training. The muscles of the quadriceps are very active in propelling an athlete forward during a sprint; they also play a major role in knee stabilization.

We employ unilateral leg training movements on almost all of our leg training days (following our main bilateral maximum effort or dynamic effort movement) to ensure our athletes aren’t neglecting this important area [...]

Agility and Reaction Training

… Again, the topic of translation from weight room performance to game time performance must be addressed when trying to improve speed. Not only do we need to build up the required musculature, we must also address agility and reaction to fully complete the puzzle. Integration of these ideas is what separates the good, the bad, and the ugly [...]

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