Beast’s Strength and Conditioning for Athletes

BEAST is currently filling group sessions with the following time slots:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Session 1: 5:30 to 6:45 (space remains available)

Please call or email us to reserve a spot – 203.261.5438 or

Coaching/Supervision: BEAST’s athletic training is trainer-supervised (4–6 athletes per trainer); BEAST provides consistent coaching and spotting during each set to ensure the athlete obtains maximum benefit.

Training Philosophy: BEAST will either divide athletic group training into Upper Body and Lower Body Sessions or focus on total body training (depending on the athlete’s training experience); we focus on:

  • Teaching proper exercise technique
  • Increasing Total Body Strength and Core Strength (focus on multi-joint compound movements)
  • Increasing Explosive Power – Increasing Speed and Agility – Sport Specific Strength
  • Fostering Gains in Muscular Size (Hypertrophy)

Please call or email for additional details and/or pricing.

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