Beastly Testimonials

I began working out at the Beast Gym for our 2010-2011 preseason lifting and conditioning. In 10 short weeks, not only was I stronger and faster, but I saw a tremendous improvement in my wrestling as well. That is because the Beast Coaches knew exactly what exercises my teammates and I needed to do to excel in our sport.

They also provided the mental toughness needed in any sport. I walked away from Beast and into my season with the mentality of “When I’m getting pushed to my limit, I’m going to push back even harder.” I recommend Beast to any athlete that wants to improve themselves and get better.

-Ben Anderson, Trumbull High School Wrestling Captain (2011-2012), 2011 FCIAC Champion, 2011 State Champion Class LL, 2011 Third in State Open Tournament, 2011 New England Qualifier

As coaches, we are thrilled with the progress our athletes have made at The Beast. Erik and his staff have worked closely with us to provide a training program which supplements our off season and in season workouts. Our players have made tremendous strides in terms of their strength, quickness, and agility.

Their hard work at The Beast has translated into great success on the playing field. We look forward to working with Erik and seeing our players get bigger, faster and stronger!

-Doug Marchetti, Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Trumbull High School Football

Erik I want to say thank you. I know that your input and help played a significant part in the reason my kids did so well this year. You went above and beyond for me and continue to each day. Your knowledge and love for strength is truly remarkable. I would highly recommend Beast training to anybody looking to gain an advantage on the field and in life. Give Erik and his facility a try I guarantee you will not regret it.

-Nic Bronkall, Offensive/Defensive Line Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, West Geauga High School, Chesterland, Ohio

I completely believe in Beast Training. This pre-wrestling season we sent 6 of our kids to Beast for 10 weeks prior to the 2010-2011 season. Their increase in strength was markedly improved, but more significantly, their ability to push themselves beyond their comfort zone allowed them to advance mentally and physically throughout the rest of the season. I would highly advocate Beast to the athlete that wants to discover how “to really” push themselves towards athletic excellence. Their definition of “Hard Work” will change forever.

-Charlie Anderson, Head Wrestling Coach, Trumbull High School

Erik – I want to tell you how grateful we are to you and your staff (Chris and Bill) for the support shown during our strength and conditioning workouts at BEAST. It’s a nuts and bolts no-nonsense atmosphere, where we get energy and encouragement from the other participants as well. At Harding, we lift year round; but the added instruction you guys provide is as good as some college and pro strength coaches provide. The players and I thank you again; and look forward to both of our teams continued successes.

-Coach Jim Morris, Head Football Coach, Warren Harding High School, Bridgeport, Connecticut

My son Dino began training at Beast after his baseball season ended. The staff at Beast Training did an excellent job teaching him the proper way to lift weights and strength and agility drills. He became stronger and faster and I think that was key to Dino making the freshmen basketball team. Thanks to all the trainers that worked with Dino! We would and have recommended Beast to all the student athletes we know that are looking to improve their performance.

– Dino DiGirolamo

I met Erik after selecting his son for the Trumbull Legion baseball program. I played division 1 college baseball at Monmouth University. Since graduating in 2008 I haven’t really worked out the way I did in college. I still compete in an amateur summer baseball league and I noticed 2009 was a tough year for me in terms of not being in shape and it really showed in my game. Erik and the Beast workouts helped me reach my goal this past summer in 2010 by being named the Player of the Year of the summer league. It is the perfect environment for success at getting stronger and feeling great about yourself. There is no question that you will see results and feel good. I highly recommend it.

-Brett Conner, Head Baseball Coach, Trumbull Legion Baseball

The Beast preseason football training program was the best off-season training I have ever experienced. It got me into the best shape I’ve ever been in before a season. Through training at Beast I increased every single one of my lifts and got faster as well. At Beast I was able to participate in great workouts with great trainers and other motivated football players and athletes. Training at Beast fosters competition. I was motivated to beat whoever was in front of me on the facility’s leader/record board. The beast introduced me to both the prowler and sled training. Through all of the intense workouts, Beast prepared me for my senior season and beyond.

-Phil Terio, 2011 New England Football Conference Boyd Division Defensive Rookie of the Year, Salve Regina College, Trumbull High School Football Senior Captain (2010-2011 Season), 2010 All State Defensive Back, 2010 All-FCIAC West First Team Defense, and 2010 2nd Team All-Metro Defensive Back

Beast Training offers the best preseason football strength and conditioning program I have ever participated in. I completed their program before both my Junior and Senior seasons. When I started, I could barely bench 185 for a single repetition. With Beast’s brutal programming I can now press 315 and my squat has progressed to 405+. The lower body workouts always test my limits – pushing the prowler, squatting, and deadlifting, you name it – we do it at Beast. My 40 yard dash time before Beast was around a 4.9; I can now run a solid 4.59 and my times continue to get better, thanks to Beast. If you want the hardcore training that you can’t get anywhere else, come to Beast. The training transformed me into a weapon on the field –“Weapon X”

–Don Cherry #44, Trumbull High School Football (RB and LB, 2010 Season), 2010 All-FCIAC West First Team Defense, and elected team Captain for 2011 Senior Season

I love the BEAST, no place like it. There is an awesome environment and trainers who care about you getting results not in it for the money. The beast gym has improved every aspect of my strength, speed, and agility. Whether it’s the blasting music, trainers screaming, or competition among members you will always have an up-tempo high scale workout, it’s never sluggish in that gym. I can’t see myself being part of any other gym.

–Ian Milne #7, Trumbull High School Football Senior Captain (2010-2011 Season), 2010 All-FCIAC West First Team Defense

The Beast is the best off-season training that I have ever experienced. I improved my strength, agility, and speed. The results have shown because I am in the best shape I have been in before a season. If you want to train the right way go to the Beast. The trainers at the beast are outstanding. They are determined to push you hard and they want you to PROVE IT!! There is no other place that will get you more prepared than The Beast. The Beast is the The Only Way To Go!

-Thomas Fox, Trumbull High School Baseball Senior Captain, 2011 Season

Beast Gym caught my eye instantly when I discovered that despite its compact size, it still delivers bigger quality towards the more serious weightlifter. I’ve been into Powerlifting for over a year and the Beast invites me to try the techniques that have been performed by some of the strongest in the world at Westside Barbell and at the EliteFTS Compound in Ohio.

Since going there, I have seen a big increase in strength using the various tools inside like chains and bands and even flipping the tires. With the appropriate music for a gym blasting and trainers that got your back pushing you and motivating you every step of the way, I’ve never had a more serious or intense workout in my life. I’ve learned a lot over the months by the trainers there and I’ve taken what I learned to help improve myself as a powerlifter and I plan on training there as long as possible. The building may be small, but it’s plenty to give you the most intense and fierce workout you ever had.

–Owen Smith, American Powerlifting Association Connecticut deadlift record holder

What can I say about Beast? If you’re serious about getting stronger in more than just your biceps then this is where you belong. Since I started going to Beast about three months ago I have seen serious improvements in all of my lifts. My deadlift max has improved nearly 100 lbs., 75 lbs. up in my bench press, and I’m back into squatting for the first time since high school. Erik and Chris formulate the training sessions to help you achieve your weight training goals. They made me do some exercises the first week that made me want to kill them, but they were exercises I needed to do to meet my goals and they knew that.

They have all the equipment that actually matters in an environment where you don’t have to worry about being too loud with the weights or getting kicked out for unleashing a scream to help you pull those last few inches of a max deadlift. Above all else, proper form is stressed the most at Beast and the trainers spend plenty of time making sure that everyone lifts properly.

One final note, you can’t flip giant tires, push the prowler or do 450 lbs. farmer walks at Planet B!@chTits. So if you’re serious about training get to Beast.

–Jon Gorton, Heavyweight Strong Man Competitor

My Son started training at Beast with Erik about 3 months ago. We encouraged him to try Beast in order to gain confidence, build strength, and gain weight. Prior to training at Beast, he had been going to the local high school, working-out 4 days a week for 5 months and making no significant progress.

Since his participation at the Beast there has been a noticeable change in all of the above (confidence, strength, and weight gain). Over the past 5 weeks he has gained 15 pounds and has developed muscular definition in his chest, back, and arms. Even the neighbors have noticed and commented. With Erik’s help, our son’s motivation and drive has increased tremendously, along with his physical development. He has become a stronger and more confident individual.

I would highly recommend the personalized/specialized strength training that Beast and Erik implements to any student or adult who wants to enhance their physical skills and/or physique.

-Lynn Lewis

Wow, I benched 85 lbs today! I didn’t know I had it in me … it was totally unexpected! I’ve been working out at Beast Gym for 6 weeks and I can’t tell you how awesome it is. Jen and Erik are incredibly motivating and push you to do things you didn’t think possible. I always look forward to my workout at Beast Gym!

-Karen Kerr, Beast Trainee

Beast Training is a great place to turn [yourself] into a Beast … everyone should try it out. This gym is no joke. Erik is a great trainer with a great attitude.

-CJ Severo, Beast Trainee

For the past few months I’ve engaged in rigorous training at the Beast in preparation to walk-on to the Sacred Heart University football team. I have finished my training 3 days a week and now am participating in team workouts. I credit my current physical and mental condition to the expertise of Erik Eggers and the encouraging atmosphere at the Beast. I am extremely grateful to have the support of Erik Eggers and everyone associated with Beast Gym; Thank you.

- Alex Testani

I started training at Beast over the summer not knowing what to expect. My workout was at a stand still. I couldnt seem to reach my goal with bench and never really had the motivation to work legs into my routine. Within a month training at Beast, I started seeing results in my bench press and squat. Eggers taught me the proper technique to take my workout to another level. My bench has gone from barely getting 225 to chasing a max of 300 within 6 months. Hardwork and proper technique really pays off! If your a high school/college athlete looking to get bigger, faster, and stronger in short periods of time, Beast Training is the way to go!! Thanks to the great training team at Beast.

- Steve Fulco

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