Women’s Training (BEAST’s Beauties)

Five Reasons Women Love to Train at Beast

Reason 1: It can be as private as the trainees prefer

Beast specializes in small group training. Groups of women can train together and push themselves (and each other) to their max. Up to four friends can comfortably train together and enjoy the camaraderie as well as friendly competition, if they so desire. Let’s face it, training hard requires leaving your specific comfort zone. Sometimes that’s hard to do in front of a group of strangers; trainees need to be comfortable sweating, grunting (more on that later), and pushing their body to its limits and beyond.

I recently had a woman tell me that when she was training in a commercial gym, a random guy jumped in to spot her (she’d not requested the spot) and promptly “commanded” her to complete another three reps. I can understand trying to be helpful, but there are certain boundaries persons having common sense don’t cross. Without understanding the goal of the trainee, the set, and/or the desired rep-range these over-exuberant commercial gym patrons are annoying at best and flat-out disasters at worst.

Beast doesn’t care what “workout outfit” you wear. Wear what makes you comfortable; wear what will help you reach your goals. If you want to wear sweatpants and a tank top, go ahead; if you want to wear a ball cap, do so. This is your workout and there is no dress code.

Bring your MP3 player and plug it into the speakers. Blast hip hop, pop, hard rock or classical. Play whatever your mood dictates and whatever motivates you to work hard. This is YOUR time.

Hanging Abdominal Raises

Reason 2: Women love lifting free weights

“You know what I love about training here? I can grunt as much as I want to and I don’t have to worry about it.”

We have a record board at Beast (to recognize our top lifters for their achievements. It’s still relatively wide-open because of the newness of the facility. The women who train at Beast want to be on the board. They want to get stronger; they want to lift heavier – at least they do after they get a taste of the adrenaline boosting rush a set of hard heavy reps can produce.

Many of our trainees had never previously performed free weight squats or box squats. We’ve definitely heard our share of “that’s too heavy for me,” or “I can’t possibly lift that,” but we specialize in knowing how much our trainees can handle and getting them to the next level and beyond.

The fact of the matter is that free weight training produces results; whether your goal is to gain strength, tone, or burn fat, there are rep-ranges that will work to get your desired results.

Reason 3: Beast pushes them to reach their fullest potential

Once they understand what they are capable of, the sky is the limit and they want to push themselves more and more. We’ve talked to trainees several hours after a good workout session to find they are still riding high. Beast helps to build confidence. Achieving success and learning to overcome obstacles in the gym can often translate to other areas of life. By taking a few hours a week and devoting that time to themselves (and their well-being) our female trainees are better equipped to deal with their family and work responsibilities.

Free weight and TRX Training

Free weight and TRX Training - Beast Bootcamp

Reason 4: Beast doesn’t discriminate

We love all women at Beast. We don’t discriminate. We don’t care if you’re less than 100 lbs or over 400 lbs; Beast will help you achieve your desired results. We’re like Apple; if you’re smaller and want to get bigger we’ve got an app for that; if you’re bigger and want to get smaller, we’ve got an app for that too.

We can help you build muscle and strength. Beast can help you shape and tone. If you’re worried about getting too big and muscular, stop worrying – it’s not going to happen without years of focused training with weights and repetition ranges to achieve that desired result. It’s not going to happen in one workout and even with focused training (I repeat, even with focused training) it’s not going to happen overnight.

So if you are a smaller trainee and self conscious training in a commercial gym, Beast may be for you. Likewise, if you’re a larger trainee and self-conscious training in a commercial gym, Beast is definitely for you too.

More weight and TRX Training - Beast Bootcamp

More free weight and TRX Training - Beast Bootcamp

Reason 5: They love the results

At Beast, we get results. We teach our trainees how to do the movements properly in order to build a solid strength foundation. The results speak for themselves, not only in how our trainees look, but how they feel when they are doing everyday tasks. For one trainee, back pain is no longer. Back pain used to be a constant in her everyday life. As of last report, she has noticed her lower back is no longer an issue.

Learning the proper technique for squatting has enabled her to strengthen her legs, buttocks, and lower back. The women also love how lifting empowers them. They feel as though they are now more proactive in managing their lives. Not only are these trainees improving their strength, fitness, and overall physical health, the workouts also help them to manage stress.

There are so many women running from one thing to another; they feel they have no time for themselves. Setting aside at least an hour or two a week allows them time to decompress and finally think about one of the most important people in their lives, themselves.

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