The Family Chin-up Challenge

My boys and I are starting this challenge – please feel free to participate and share your results as well (and please feel free to taunt and talk smack – within reason; this is the family Chin-up challenge).

This is a training volume test. The goal is to see who can do the most chin-ups between now (call it May 1st 2014) and July 31st 2014 – that’s 3 months of glorious chin-up action. To be clear, this is not the most at one time; it’s the most done cumulatively between those dates.


  • If you are heavier and/or subtly out of shape, you can initially do banded-assisted chins using the equation 3 banded chins = 1 chin for the contest
  • Chins should be dead-hang or as close as your elbows will allow; plus chin over the bar (i.e. all the way up and all the way down) – I’ll use the old adage here – you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t perform the reps correctly
  • No kipping chins allowed; we’re looking to strengthen the back in this instance; we’re not performing a total-body workout
  • Any grip (overhand, underhand, or neutral) is accepted

  • Additional Rules Specific to my Situation (just sharing to share)

  • I am +100 chins out of the gate (my oldest son is giving me the 100 for our contest) – I’m not happy about this but candidly, I need them
  • My middle son is +75 out of the gate (my oldest son is giving him the 75)
  • We are using the “honor system” – you can jump on the bar whenever you like and record your chins – any day or night
  • I am creating a master sheet to report the progress
  • For full disclosure; we’ve made some smallish side bets to sweeten the deal
  • Why chins?

    In my case for three reasons:

  • I don’t do enough back work and I need the additional incentive/motivation
  • I believe it’s really hard to overtrain the back, so this format of training should not interfere with other training modalities
  • With regard specifically to my sons; I believe chins are a great upper-body exercise for athletes
  • Good Luck!

    The Monkey Chin Bar

    The Monkey Chin Bar

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