Beast Reality: Shitty days

When I was a young boy,

My father took me into the city

To see a marching band.

He said, “Son when you grow up

would you be the savior of the broken,

the beaten and the damned?”

He said, “Will you defeat them,

your demons, and all the non-believers,

the plans that they have made?”

Because one day I’ll leave you,

A phantom to lead you in the summer,

To join the Black Parade.

— My Chemical Romance, “Welcome to the Black Parade”

Will you defeat them, your demons…?

I’m restless in bed. My shoulders are throbbing from a serious training session involving heavy military pressing (throbbing in a good way…well, mostly good). I can’t fall asleep, so I prop up some pillows, flip on my side, and turn to YouTube. I like to watch the “YouTubes,” as Mark Bell would say. Just a couple of quick vids and then I’ll be able to fall asleep.

That’s when I accidentally fell in love.

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Beast Reality: Shitty Days

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