BEAST Needs Women

Mars needs women
Angry red women
Mars needs women
Angry red women

- Rob Zombie

I’ve definitely been accused of playing too much Rob Zombie in the Beast; every time someone complains about my music selection/play-list, I tend to panic and go back to my old “standards.” Let’s face it, I’ve grinded through a lot of tough sets listening to “More Human than Human,” from the Astro Creep: 2000 Album. What can I say? I am definitely a creature of habit.

Zombie’s song, Mars Needs Women, from Hellbilly Deluxe II, popped into my head this afternoon. I was thinking about the fact that Beast Needs Women.

We really need more Women; especially young female athletes – Youth (10 & 11), High School, and Collegiate; and these young women need us too.

Some Back story:

I recently placed an ad on our webpage, Craig’s list, and facebook, suggesting Beast was looking for some part-time trainers. We received a fairly solid response and interestingly, at least to me, we had more inquiry from female trainers than male trainers.

Because of this response, we have the unique opportunity to add some really solid, well-qualified trainers (i.e. having significant experience training female athletes) to Beast’s bench. In order to achieve that desired result, efficiently and effectively, we need more female athletes.

But before I go further, to avoid confusion; let me offer a few clarifications:

  • Beast is already working with female High School athletes in one-on-one training formats
  • Beast also currently offers Boot camp-type Classes and Strength & Conditioning for Women
  • Beast is working with female trainees (non-competitive athletes) in one-on-one training formats

To date, however, we have yet to assemble group training sessions for female athletes. In part, it’s because we have done little-to-no prospecting to attempt to establish this goal, focusing rather on organic growth and maintaining the quality of our programming at a high level.

To the Coaches:

  • If you are limited, by rule, to the amount of off-season coaching you can conduct with your team – Beast can help bridge that gap, as we have no such restrictions
  • If your athletes want to enjoy in-season success, they have to engage in vigorous preparation in the offseason – Beast provides athletes with programming and helps increase off-season focus
  • Do you have goals you need athletes to attain in the offseason? We can (and prefer to) maintain an open dialogue during the season, keeping you apprised of your athletes achievements
  • Athletes moving on to the collegiate level need stringent summer programs to prepare them for the rigors of collegiate-level competition

To Coaches and Parents:

To interested coaches and parents, I would suggest that we offer an excellent balance of strength, speed, agility, and conditioning, in our programming for athletes. Our results have demonstrated a high degree of transferability to on-field performance.

We boast optimal athlete-to-trainer ratios and excel in pushing athletes out of their respective comfort zones after they have displayed a degree of competence in the facility.

Our stated goal is to develop our athletes into: Scholarship Players, High School and Collegiate All-Conference Players, All-State Players, and/or to facilitate entry into “reach” Colleges through excellence in athletic performance. However, we also excel at building both an athletes’ confidence and self-esteem.

Interested parties can contact Beast Training via the following methods:

Phone: 203.261.5438

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