$hit Overheard in The Beast

Let’s face it, when you’re consistently moving heavy weight, a lot funny $hit is said in-between sets. The intent of this blog series is to memorialize some of the $hit we’ve heard in (and around) the Beast Strength & Conditioning Facility over the past several years.

Names (in some cases) have been omitted to protect the “innocent.”

We’ll kick this off with a few:

#1: Take a look at this. I almost accidentally cut off one of my eyebrows yesterday.
#2: What were you doing?
#1: I was trimming them.
#2: $hit, you trim your eyebrows?
#1: (uncomfortable pause)
#2: Yeah, I guess you old guys need to worry about that stuff.

#1: You are the best I’ve seen at making light weights look heavy (said to me during deadlift warm-ups)

The next one occurred in my kitchen:

Kim: Were you just Air-Deadlifting?
Me: Yes
Kim: Want to know the sad part?
Me: What’s that?
Kim: It looked heavy.

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