Beast’s Friday Deadlift Log (Deload Heaven) 11/18/11

The deadlift obsession continues …

After three challenging training weeks, I decided to take a well-deserved deload. My body was feeling a little beat up and I’m hoping the rest will help contribute to a great deadlift session on Thanksgiving week.

When I arrived at the Beast at 8:30 pm, I was exhausted. I didn’t feel like touching a weight. I did pull a few singles to work on my form (I worked up to ~390; I practiced dropping my hips and pulling backward).

My training partners continued working hard; Owen worked up to 605 for a very strong single and Jon continued with the higher volume training.

Separately, Brian Carroll, one of elitefts’ sponsored lifters has started his own website. I met Brian in London Ohio at elite’s LTT3 seminar back in September. He’s a good guy and offers a tremendous wealth of training advise. If you are a powerlifter, definitely consider checking out his site.

Here are some of Brian’s tips regarding set-up for the deadlift:

  • Pull yourself down to the bar
  • Set your grip tight
  • Pull the slack out of the bar
  • Drop the hips
  • Slam your heals
  • Throw your head back
  • Squeeze your glutes

Owen Smith 605 Deadlift - BEAST

Owen Smith 605 Deadlift - BEAST

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