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The Walking Dead Press

Zombies have really gotten a plethora of press as of late. Eating another’s face off after ingesting “bath salts” is apparently becoming the new grisly crime du jour. The grisly assault on a homeless man whose face was eaten by a deranged assailant lasted for 18 agonizing minutes and was captured on nearby surveillance cameras. […]

March 2012 Bench Training – “Old Man Strength”

3/12/12 Program Summary: Full Shoulder Warmup Full Hip Mobility and Foam Roll DB Rows 3 x 10 x 110 lb Dumbbells Bench Press 3 x 340 3 x 385 3 x 385 ~4 x 430 (was supposed to be 435, but to be candid, I mis-loaded the bar) 3 Board Press 4 x 12 x […]

DEADlift Man Walking – Deliverance from the Deadlift Devil – 12/29/11

“Naw man. I’m pretty effing far from okay.” On November 20th, to punctuate what had been a long week, I pulled my groin pretty severely squatting at Beast; I felt a sharp pop, stopped pushing, and promptly collapsed (whacking the back of my head on the barbell in the process); lying on the floor of […]

Beast’s Friday Deadlift Log (Deload Heaven) 11/18/11

The deadlift obsession continues … After three challenging training weeks, I decided to take a well-deserved deload. My body was feeling a little beat up and I’m hoping the rest will help contribute to a great deadlift session on Thanksgiving week. When I arrived at the Beast at 8:30 pm, I was exhausted. I didn’t […]

Beast’s Friday Deadlift Log (Deadlifting for Armageddon) 11-11-11

“I watched The Thing. It wasn’t as good as the original.” “Which one? There are three versions of The Thing. The original from the 50s. John Carpenter’s remake in 1982, and the most recent remake.” “I like John Carpenter’s the best because it was real.” “Real?” “Well, more real.” I enjoy writing fiction, especially Horror. […]