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Big Yoke Crossing

Drivers in the US often read warnings about driving safety and deer, particularly during the fall foliage season. Take deer, moose, and Strongman YOKE warnings seriously. Hitting deer, moose, or yoke with your car can kill you, cause serious injury, and smash up your vehicle. Please note this legal disclaimer: this drawing is an artist’s […]

Unleashing my Inner Parent

“In a perfect world, 99% of the music being made wouldn’t make you question humanity and 100% of the training programs would get you big and strong. That ain’t the case, though. “Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s not performing multiple sets of whatever cable Kegel exercise is being pushed as “The Answer.” Just […]

Hating the Haters

Perhaps it’s the anonymity of the internet, but there’s nothing like a popular blog post to cause vampires to crawl out from their castles and start looking for blood. – Chris Guillebeau, Personal Development Writer   We don’t want to provide average services to average clients; our goal at Beast, it to provide exceptional services […]

$hit Overheard in The Beast

Let’s face it, when you’re consistently moving heavy weight, a lot funny $hit is said in-between sets. The intent of this blog series is to memorialize some of the $hit we’ve heard in (and around) the Beast Strength & Conditioning Facility over the past several years. Names (in some cases) have been omitted to protect […]