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The Family Chin-up Challenge

My boys and I are starting this challenge – please feel free to participate and share your results as well (and please feel free to taunt and talk smack – within reason; this is the family Chin-up challenge). This is a training volume test. The goal is to see who can do the most chin-ups […]

Sacred Heart University – Annual Red & White Spring Game

Through his passion, hard work, determination, and intelligent training, today at 11am for the first time in over 2 years the BEAST’s own Alex Testani will explode onto the football field as a Division 1 player for Sacred Heart University during their Annual Red & White Spring Game. We wish Alex good luck and continued […]

Boxing legend Joe Frazier Dies – “The Truth Machine”

In an earlier post (“The Prowler – The Beast’s ‘Truth Machine’”) I had referred to a boxing documentary in which sports journalist and boxing commentator Larry Merchant referred to Joe Frazier as a “Truth Machine” because when in the ring with Joe, if you weren’t in shape, he was going to find out – Joe, […]

How bad do you want to succeed?

One of our athletes shared this video on his facebook page. The video contains an incredible message. Listen to the gentleman lecturing in the background and really think about his words. If you really digest the message, it’s life changing. Absolutely life changing. I first listened to this video three days ago and have thought […]

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