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College Football Sandbag Jammers – Explosive Upper Body Training

We’ve previously discussed Beast’s programming philosophy of mixing Maximal Effort Training (“ME”), which supports gains in absolute strength, with Dynamic Effort Training (“DE”), which promotes gains in power (or explosive strength). While Box Jumping is one of our favorite DE lower body exercises, we also like to train the upper body explosively to prepare our […]

Supervised Group Training – The Extraordinary Benefits

Beast has been extolling the virtues of group training for athletes. I’d mentioned a great example on facebook a few weeks ago, which I’d like to reiterate and expound upon in this blog. During a Monday training session, we had an athlete perform a 28” tested vertical jump. This jump erased the previous gym record […]

Footballers “Back on the Box” – Explosive Lower Body Training

2011 Preseason Football Training has started at Beast with a vengeance as our athletes, both old and new, aggressively foster assaults on our record board. Some of the long-standing marks have already been vanquished with many more to come, but our standing box jump record of 53” still survives (at least for now). See the […]

Taco Bell and The (“APA”) Northeast Coast Open

“I need to get Taco Bell,” I said. “What are you talking about? Your team is in the Elite-8 of the NCAA tournament,” Kim responds. My Alma mater, the University of Connecticut, was playing Arizona for a chance to go to the Final Four, and the game was nearing the end of the first half. […]

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