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  1. Scott's Gravatar Scott
    January 3, 2014 - 8:10 am | Permalink

    Hey Erik.
    I just was just rereading an article you posted on elite a few months ago “Shitty Days”. It really struck a chord. I am just bout a year into my powerlifting journey. I belong to a great gym and have a great coach. I also struggle with depression and anxiety, so I defiantly have those “shitty days”. Your article was pretty much the first thing I read that discussed such a thing. I then watched and read some of Janis finnklemans work and wow was that refreshing. From the outside looking in on powerlifting you just see, or I should say I just saw, beast moving heavy weight with this amazing outgoing aggression and hype. It was very tough seeing myself that way. I’m not the type to get that amped or excited. It was tough to see me being able to do it. Add into that the issues I struggle with internally makes it even tougher. Even with all of that I am hooked on powerlifting. I haven’t missed a scheduled training session all year. A lot of those were defiantly a grind. When that depression kicks in it zaps your energy, which you know makes it tough to move heavy weight (well heavy weight for me). I’m very proud of not missing a session but after reading your article I’m wondering when is it time to bow down a little to this demons and how to do it if I’m on a scheduled training program written out by my couch. I guess that’s why they call this a journey. Thanks again for your openness and honesty.
    Happy New Year

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